The Friends of Salem Association

The Friends of Salem Association was established in 1925, five years after Kurt Hahn and Prinz Max von Baden founded Schule Schloss Salem.


Today the educational mission of the Friends of Salem Association continues to reflect that of its founder, Kurt Hahn. The concept serves to help us support projects which cannot otherwise be financed from the school's regular budget. Such projects provide a significant and positive educational foundation for life both during and after schooling, including supporting the Salem services, leisure time, lessons, natural sciences and sports activities.


Facts and Figures

  • Established: 1925
  • 269 members
  • Annual donations of approximately 50.000 € are used to invest in specific projects and equipment.
  • The Friends of Salem Association has reserved money each year for the new Salem Schrote. More information
Contact persons


Raimund Wilhelmi

Prof. Dr. h.c. Robert Leicht

Caroline Stockhausen

Contact persons

Oliver Fischer


Phone: +49 7731 98760

Britta Lebherz

Office Manager

Phone: +49 7553 919-306