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Become a „Chair Patron“!

You, too, can support the construction of the new Salem Schrote by choosing one of the following donor options:


Sponsor a chair for the assembly hall. The chair will bear your name on a donor's plaque mounted on the backrest. One chair costs 300 €, 5 chairs are 1.450 €, and 10 chairs 2.900 €. Of the 350 chairs to be sponsored 300 chairs have already been spoken for.


The room will bear your family's or company's name. The rooms „Metalworking“ or „Pottery“  are each available for a donation of 25,000 €.

The Salem Schrote
Arts & Crafts Center, Classrooms, Events

A New Building at Salem Castle

For the first time in over 300 years a new building is being erected on the grounds of Salem Castle. The former granary located along the western wall of the castle grounds was demolished in the fall of 2017. The new Salem Schrote will offer students of the lower and middle schools a wide variety of uses:


  • a large arts & crafts center with workshops for woodworking, metalworking and pottery (basement)
  • a modern learning center for the Years 7 and 8 (ground floor and 2nd floor)
  • an assembly hall with 350 seats for general events, school assemblies, theater, cultural performances and parties (top floor)



Current Donation Status: 225.922,69 Euro

Donations for the Schrote

Demolition of the old Schrote and  construction of the new Schrote will cost 5.8 million euros. The building project is being financed by Schule Schloss Salem gGmbH and the association of trustees, Schule Schloss Salem e.V.  The Beck´sche Stiftung Berlin has provided 300,000 euros to support the investments in the arts & crafts center.


Furnishings and technical equipment for the assembly hall are to be financed through fundraising:

  • total costs of furnishing the assembly hall: 225,000 €
  • sum of donations to date: 169.372,69 €
  • amount still open: 88,972,31 €


Thanks to the generous financial reserves of the Friends of Salem Association nearly half of the necessary donation sum has already been covered.


Headmaster Bernd Westermeyer looks forward to the new Schrote:

"Holistic education at Salem is comprised of a balanced mix of sound classroom education, a community-forming boarding school experience, as well as active social outreach services and practical craftsmanship. The reconstruction of the historical "Schrote" along the western wall of Salem Castle, where our school was founded,  replicates exactly these three areas throughout its three levels and opens up new opportunities for our students to achieve their potential with head, heart and hand in arts & crafts workshops, in modern classrooms, and on the stage"


After extensive foundation work, the skeleton structural work is about to begin. The official opening of the Salem Schrote is scheduled for the spring of 2019.

Further Information and Donations

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