Annual general meeting

Each year, in the autumn, all members are invited to attend the annual general meeting of the Friends of Salem Association. The school's head master, the chair of the association and also the treasurer report on the previous school and financial years. Examples of how donations have been allocated are demonstrated by students and staff.

All new applications for the current school year are presented and discussed and decisions are democratically made with regard to funding implementation and equipment acquisition. A variety other activities on the different campuses, and a meal together in the evening, round off the day.

Date 2021

October 2021

General meeting 2020 / 2021

The annual general meeting of the Friends of Salem took place on Friday, 02 October 2020 in Salem. 26 members came to the new Schrote under the current hygiene conditions and were guided through the new building: Kai Hoffmann impressed the members with the media tables and the digital lessons; Stephanie Woppmann, Ekke Hössler and Jan Quäker presented the guild rooms and Mr. Westermeyer and Mr. Obitz guided through the shot and demonstrated the light and sound technology of the Aula. The Friends of Salem were able to support the expansion of the Schrote and especially of the assembly hall with 230,000 Euros through the reserves of the last years. Symbolically the chairman Oliver Fischer handed over a cheque for the amount to Mr Westermeyer and Mr Obitz.

During the subsequent general meeting, the members present decided on 30 applications from Salem pupils, teachers and mentors - 25 projects of which were approved in whole or in part and can now be implemented.

The Friends of Salem Association supports purchases and projects in the areas of boarding school, sports, services and guilds, lessons and project trips which cannot be financed from the regular school budget.  Already before and during the meeting some projects were thankfully taken over by donations from the members present. Among others, the following applications can now be implemented: 

  • Raspberry Pi single-board computer for parabolic flight experiments, natural sciences
  • Sensors for Vernier system, biology and chemistry Salem and College
  • Materials for model making, Guild Modellbau Salem
  • Small tools for precision mechanics, Salem
  • Printing press and material for oil painting, Fachschaft Kunst Salem
  • Chess tournament and training material for Schach AG
  • Power generator for THW Spetzgart
  • Fire trainers and uniforms, Salem and College fire brigades
  • Long bows for archery, Salem
  • Outdoor playground equipment, Mentorate Rentamt Salem
  • Grant for the TEDx Event, College
  • Grant for the project week Aldebaran

This year, the members gained a comprehensive insight into the student projects during the session: Lower and upper school pupils showed a film about the project week on the research vessel ALDEBARAN in cooperation with the German Marine Foundation. Fire brigade co-captain Antonia Maier and service manager Rainer Müller presented the 30-year-old uniforms of the Spetzgart plant fire brigade and the need for new uniforms.  Julius Kümmerlöw, Angela Gall and Dr. Constanze Schummer gave an enthusiastic account of the TEDx event in January 2020 in a presentation and video, and Julius Kümmerlöw also explained the Vernier System for biology and chemistry including a live measurement. 

After the session, the participants went to the Landgasthof Adler in Lippertsreute for a cosy exchange of ideas and dinner.

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