Supported Projects

for Schule Schloss Salem

Through the help of the Friends of Salem Association (current parents, parents of former students, former students, staff, friends and supporters), various projects have already been realized. The following projects, amongst others, were (co-) financed and implemented:

Donation account

Friends of Salem
Sparkasse Salem-Heiligenberg
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Major Projects

  • Salem College
  • Sports field Härlen
  • Multimedia room Salem
  • Furniture and books for the new learning library Salem

Two major projects are shown below including pictures:

Rebuilding Salem sports ground

After years of intensive planning and preparation and due to numerous donations and the support of "Friends of Salem Association", the school is undertaking a thorough renovation of its outdoor facilities at Salem Castle. The new outdoor sports' facilities will include a natural grass surface for field hockey and other ball sports, a basketball court, a hockey field with artificial turf, and various running tracks, as well as a high-jump, a long-jump and other training areas.

All-schools sports night

The Official Opening of the sports ground took place on 14 July, 2017. The students competed in mixed-year teams in hockey, soccer, beachvolleyball and basketball.

Middle school fitness room

At the beginning of the 2013/2014 school year, the Friends of Salem Association, in collaboration with school management fulfilled a long time wish of Salem Students to have a fitness room.  

Extended opportunities for endurance and light weights training

For a long time the students have requested a room where they can spend time on fitness and weight training exercises in the evenings, particularly in the winter months. The middle school Head, sports' teachers and fund raising department developed an achievable concept for the fitness room in the context of the middle school campus. As well as the opportunities for extra training in addition to sports lessons that such a facility offers, it will also be a useful rehabilitation facility after an injury, for example.

In addition to a generous donation from a benefactor and the support from individual parents in the form of specific fitness apparatus and financial donations, the Friends of Salem Association covered the remaining costs in order that the project could be completed. Thanks to your support, the new fitness was opened in April 2013 – the students use it a lot and do their workout assiduously.

Many thanks to all those involved!

Die neue Salemer Schrote

Guilds, classes & events

After more than 300 years, the time has come: For the first time, a building is being rebuilt in Salem Castle. In autumn 2017 the former grain mill on the west wall was demolished. The new Salem grain mill will offer students in the lower and middle school a wide range of design options in the future:

  • a large guild center with workshops for wood, metal and clay in the basement
  • a modern learning center for grades 7 and 8 on the first floor
  • an assembly hall with 350 seats for joint events, school meetings, theater, cabaret and celebrations in the attic

The construction was released in December 2019. Since January 2020, classes, guilds and events have been held in the new grist mill. The first school meeting in the new premises took place on January 10, 2020.

The reserve of the Friends of Salem, which was used to equip the shot, was 149.346,22 €.

Individual projects

Together with the parents, sponsors and friends of Schule Schloss Salem we have not only supported the really big projects in Salem, at Schloss Spetzgart or on the Härlen campus. We have also been happy to support many smaller and no less important individual projects:

  • 10 Microscopes for NWT
  • Dictation machines for the French department
  • 10 pairs of binoculars and monoculars for the biology department
  • Expansion of the basic equipment CBL-measuring system, Spetzgart science department
  • Equipment for the computer room, Hohenfels
  • Fire brigade fire engine
  • Fire brigade breathing apparatus
  • Fire brigade duty backpacks
  • Fire brigade jackets
  • THW (Emergency Service) protective boiler suits
  • THW Custom-cut protective jackets and trousers
  • 15 camp beds for THW youth group
  • Medical service duty tent
  • Medical service exercise mannequins
  • Medical service external defibrillator
  • Nautical service lifeboat
  • Nautical service boat trailer
  • Social services mini bus, College
  • Duty vehicles
  • Start up capital for botanical services, College
Sport & outdoor education
  • Beach volleyball court, Salem
  • Trampoline, Salem
  • Hockey goals, Hohenfels
  • Rugby equipment
  • Snow shoes Large outdoor play equipment, Hohenfels
  • Climbing harnesses, College
  • Post-avalanche search equipment
  • Crafts room and climbing wall, Spetzgart
  • Sports equipment
  • Kayak club sea kayaks
  • Kayak club paddling jackets, wetsuits, bouyancy aids, splash decks
  • Fencing club equipment
  • Outdoor department tents
Arts & Culture
  • Large-sacle repairs to Bachstein grand piano
  • Concert grand piano, Spetzgart
  • Music scholarships
  • Drum kit, Salem
  • Equipment for Clubhaus, Spetzgart
  • Set of microphones, Salem
  • Grand piano, Hohenfels
  • Upright piano, Spetzgart
  • Second-hand Steinway piano, Pre-College
  • eBook-Reader and eBooks for all libraries
  • Theatre curtain, Härlen
Crafts & clubs
  • Workbench for workshops
  • Lathes, Salem
  • Fine-cut saws
  • Sewing machines and ironing boards, dressmaking and crafts workshop, Salem
  • Digital cameras, photographic equipment and software, photo club
  • Start up and restoration capital, motor mechanics club
  • Partial financing of a Mercedes sprinter, theatre department
Travel & internationality
  • ZIS travel scholarships
  • Round Square – international conference attendance scholarships
  • Contribution to travel costs for the Peterhof project in St. Petersburg

Christmas wishes

In time for Christmas, students, mentors and teachers are able to share their 'Christmas wishes' with the Friends of Salem Association. These generally consist of relatively small purchases such as the subscription to a newspaper, sports' equipment, musical instruments, various types of media etc.

Building Character.